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Here’s A Crock (HahaheehehahaHASHASHFAHAHAHAH) of Theories Regarding Jane Crockers Really Obvious Transformation into Diddy Kong


She’s back again, and about time, too 
And this time, she’s in the mood! 


She can fly real high 
with her jetpack on…

With her pistols out, she’s one tough Kong! 
She can make you smile when you hear her tune… 


But, Kremlings beware 
'cause she's out after you!

D. K.!  Donkey Kong! 
D. K.!  Donkey Kong! 


See it just makes sense ok.  here are some theories that support me

wouldn’t it be interesting if gamzee became lanky kong? and jane succumbed to being diddy kong

It’s definitely looking that way, at least in Jane’s case

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